Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)


CRPS: Regain Control of Your Life

· A chronic condition with severe, prolonged pain affecting limbs.

· Triggered by injury, it can lead to disability.

Symptoms of CRPS

· Intense pain

· Skin color changes

· Temperature

· Swelling in affected area

· Muscle spasms

Diagnosing CRPS

· Mainly based on physical examination, medical history review

· No single test, often exclusion-based diagnosis.

Treatment for CRPS

· Pain medications

· Physical therapy

· Nerve blocks (for pain)

· Psychological support

Consult a specialist for effective CRPS management: Reclaim control!

*CRPS: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Short description: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a debilitating chronic condition characterized by severe and persistent pain that typically affects the limbs. Often triggered by an injury, CRPS can escalate into a disability if not addressed promptly. CRPS manifests through a range of symptoms that significantly impact quality of life. Individuals may experience acute, intense pain, visible changes in skin color, and abnormal temperature variations in the affected limbs. These symptoms are frequently accompanied by swelling and muscle spasms, indicating the complex nature of this syndrome. Diagnosing CRPS can be a nuanced process, primarily involving a thorough physical exam and a detailed review of the patient’s medical history. Due to the absence of a definitive test, diagnoses are often made by ruling out other conditions. Treating CRPS requires a multifaceted approach, often including the administration of pain medications and the application of physical therapy techniques. Nerve blocks can also be a component of the pain management strategy. Equally important is the psychological support provided to patients, which addresses the mental and emotional challenges posed by CRPS.